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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  October 13, 2010 10:30am-11:00am PST

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♪ this is sad, what it is, sad. i mean, i wish it would never have happened. >> police in fairfield after twin gls are found dead in a burned out apartment buildg. fairfield police say it was no accident. >> they believe the girl's mother killed the children then tried to take her own life. theresa garcia is live at the fairfid police department where a news conference is about to start. theresa? >> well, good morning, kristen. both the fire and police departments are there behind me details what the call for help was yesterday and what they found when they got inside that burning apartment last night. one of the questions, still an unanswered question wha young mother would kill her two little
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girls and try to take her live, too. she's still alive so detectives hope to learn directly from her. >> the toys share no sentiment of i intercept joy. they indicate terrible trauma. >> came out carrying those little bodies, it was terrible. really sad. >> neighbor michael watched as three-year-old twin sters were brought from their burned apartment. they were stabbedith a knife by their 28-year-old mother who set fire to the third floor unit and also tried killing herself. >> definitely very disturbing. sad, what it is, sad. i mean, i wish it would have never happen. >> adrn, a neighbor on north texas street heard a fire alarm sounding, saw the flames and on instinct ran with otrs to help but they believe the door was
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barricaded. >> one guy tried to kick it, it didn't go and i tried to kick it too. it wasn't happenin >> they used fire distinguishers and could go no further. when firefighters arrived, the only one alive was the mother, a woman neighbors know little about but wonder what could have put her in a despete state of mind. >> she's only been there a month and a half. >> never know wha your neighbor is going through. you can see them eve day and still not know what's going on. not in their life. it's pretty sad. >> as you can see that is still going on where they are detailing what happed. as i said they hope to learn more why. the 28-year-old mher was airlifted to john hospital in
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walnut creek where she's stable with self-inflicted cuts. the sue little girls, those three years olds, never suffered from the fire but they did die from the drama from the knif wounds. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> all right, theresa. thanks. oakland officls are taking action today to restrict the activities of a gang they describe asne of the most violent in the city. city attorney john russo and police chief anthony bets filed an injennings against the gang a short time ago. they claim that gang is responsible for numerous murder and 35 shootings this year alone. part of oakland's continng effort to cut down on gangs. the judge granted an injunction against 15 members of the gang. it prevented gang members from associating with other gang members or intidating witnesses and carrying weapons in a 100 block area. >> hundreds of workers walked off the job at one of san
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francisco's largest hotels. waiters, housekeepers and other employees at the union square hilton are locked in a bitr contract dispute with management. jenelle wang is live at the hotel. are guests noticing a difference. >> the hotel is basically fully operational but room service was suspended today. it should b back up and running tomorrow. we heard the starcks was serving free coffee because the fill-in employees can't know how to work the cash registers. >> the hilton san francisco, employees walked off the job this morning. managers are filling in as well as staff from other hilton hotels. >> probably a lot of people there out of the traditional roles coming from behind the desk and waitingn table and trying to find the food and that sort of thing. >> annoying listening to it but
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that's withhe territory of free speech. >> even though they're bouncing back from the sluggish economy, the blackstone group wants workers to start paying for part of their health benefits if they choose a premium plan. >> we're fighti for what we have. some people have been there 30, 40 years. now they've given this right off their back? how rude. >> they opated separately. san francisco has been struggli. the economy has been very bad. room rates are still down, occupancy up. trying to preserve jobs, we need the union leadership help to do that. >> even though there are some inconveniences to guests, they say it's not you ruining their san francisco locaon and they would stay at this hilton again. as for the strike, these workers have been without a contract for
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over a year now and there are no plans to go back to the bargaining table anytime soon. reporting live in san francisco, jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> jenelle, thanks very much. good feelings about the economy on wall street. strong corporate earnings and surging commodies are lifting stocks. (ringing bell) >> the dow has been soarin since the open bell. right now it is up 123 points to 11,144. analysts credit the huge gains to strong corporate earnings. a report from j. p. morgan chase and operat csx. >> officials in 4 states and the district of columbia are investigating allegations that mortgage companies mishandled documents and broke laws in foreclosing on hundreds of thousands of homeowrs. the states attorneys general and bank regulators will example
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will employees made false statements or prepared documents improperly. employees of four large lenders have acknowledged they signed off on foreclosure documents without reading them. bank of america and j. pmorgan chase are among banks of that halted foreclosures. >> in chile half of e miners have beenrescued and back in the arms of their loved ones. brought up one at a time in the special rescue capsule. they were buried blow the surveys fast when the mine collapse. the rescue is a tribute to the determination othe chilean government and its people. dia diana is there as though men are brought to safety. (applause) >> one by one. (applause) >> they've been emerging from the darkness of the chilean mine to the arms of their loveds ones
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and the world. >> he pu on the ground after being trapped for 69 gruelling days. he huggedis sobbing 7-year-old son and the rescuers who worked day and night to make this miracle happen. an hour later another emerged. sheer joy punctuating his first few steps of freedom. he gave rocks to his rescuers in a gesture-gratite. >> i was with god and i was with the devi but god won, he said. >> the extractions continued through the night. the word from officials: so far so good. they were pleased to see the capsule di not rotate as much as they had expected allowing for faster trips. the rescs came as quickly as 39 minutes apart. the ride itself has been rough. one offici tells abc news the
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capsule's hard wheels push against the rough walls of the shaft making for a very bumpy trip. the way to the surface may be even more overwhelming. the miners are returning as here rose, names kno now by their countrym and their story of survival, one the entire world has witnessed. >> what did they do trapped underground? they want comftable beds and hot showers. abc news at the san jose mine. >> abc news is airing a special 20/20 at 10 p.m. on the amazing rescue. you can watch miracle at the mines here on abc 7 at 10:00. >> could wat that all day. >> oh, amazing. >> still to come this morning, defense secretary robert gates concerns over immediately lifting the military's "don't ask,on't tell" policy. the angry exchanges at the final debate between jerry brown and meg whitman. >> mikeicco. a live look at the bay.
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defense secretary robert grates is abruptly ending e "don't ask, don't tell," it should be done on after a study on the issues.
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regulation and provisions and changes ma be necessary for benefits. the justice department is considering whether to appeal the ruling by u.s. district court judge virginia phillips in riverside. if it does appeal, it would put the obama administration in defense of the policy it opposes. >> jey brown and meg whitman hope the debate moves voters in their favor. former network ne anchor tom brokaw mon rated the last of three debates between the two. part of the debate focussed on reviving california's sluggish economy. >> one thing i wouldn't do to compound the budget deficit, i wouldn't eliminate the capita gains tax which my opponent wants to do. >> we compete with other states, three other states, washington -- washington, texas and nevada have no capital gains tax.
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if we eliminate this, what you'll see is more jobs, more businesses, more tax revenues. >> brown and whitm traded jabs over recent controversies. a brown staffer calling whitman a whore. polls show brown with a slight lead whitman injected another $20 million of her e-bay fortune into the race yesterday. the silicon valley readership group and the san jose mercury news arranged a debate between deborah bowen and damon dunn, the candidates for secretary of state. stream something live this afternoon from 2:30 to 3:30. and you can watch it here on abc 7 sunday at noon. >> meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the start of the cooling but not toda though. >> at least not around the bay and inland. but we're starting to see the coast, watched the temperature
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drop in daly city because of the wind shift. still poor air quality. i'll show you where that is also. >> also san franciscans know it's special. the big natial honor for the ferry building. >> later on what's being pulle at wal-mart and target that has state officials verconcerned.
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♪ oakland police officers will undergo mandatory training after an offic shot a family's labrador retriever named gloria two weeks ago. the officer opened fire after the dog started barking. the 11-year-old dog had arthritis an posed no harm to officers. police came unde fire for shooting a young deer to death in may after he was cornered on 90th avenue. the easement bay spca will provide the training for free. >> san francisco's ferry building has been named one of
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the nation's ten great public spaces for the year 2010. under its great places of america program. the planning association said it singled out the ferry building for its iconic as one of the most elegant and beautifully restored public buildings. the transportation terminal is one of san francisco's motion social and comrcial themes. the planning associati began the great places in america progm in 2007 to honor gold standard in community planning. >> great food, great views. what's not to like. >> absolutely. saw that cruise ship in our shot befo. they may need the sweatshirts by tomorrow. quick change in the forecast or weather i should say. will change quickly. daly city's temperature, 11:00 it was 80, now down to 72. shah souerly surge is working
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up the coast. just a matter of time before it gets to san francisco. i think it will have a profound effect on the bay tomorrow. beautil picture from mount tamalpai this morning where it's 7degrees. there is the fog in santa cruz where the temperature will be in the 70s today after being in the upper 80s yesterday. we'll see that up and down the coast but not on the shoreline. let's check out your latest warning. heat warning for the bay shorelin as temperatures hit near 90 once again andhose without air conditioning will find it rather uncomftable during the afternoon and eay evening hours until 8:00. poor air quality in the east bay valleys. that's why we have the spare the air day. economic out temperatures. half moon bay, 61. redwood city 72. oakland 73. pretty much mido upper 70s in the bay and north bay valleys. upper 70s to low 80s in the east bay valleys. you can see the fog santa cruz and 64 now. a little sunshine and 63 monterey, 72 watsonville and a
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toasty 83 gilr. sunny and hot away from the coast today. that poor air quality will develop again mainly in the east bay and probably a one and done. by tomrow it should be over. cooler around the bay tomorrow and inland on friday. 24 hour temperature change pretty much the same concor san jose. 5 degrees cooler in san francisco. look at the coast. half moon bay 86 yestday, only 68 today. down in the south bay, put a star next to any of the temperatures i think could be records. low 90s along the peninsula with mid to upper 80s downtown san fransco sausalito. near 80 at your beaches. mid to uer 80s through most of the east bay valleys. a few 90s. low to mid-90s morgan hill, gilroy, hollister. low to mid-70s watsonville. the central valley in the low to
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mid-90s same thing with yosemite. 80 los angeles and 76 san diego. back home tonight it will be cooler than this morning. low to mid-50s in the north bay along the coast. the rest of us upper 50s to low 60s. watching the area of high pressure kind of settle into northern utah, southern idaho. because of that clock wise flow, you see that southerly surge. hitting the coast today. the cooling will move around bait tomorrow and inland friday. that's just parking lot sea breeze cooling us about 10 to 15 degrees. the cold front comeless through saturday and sunday. the rain will drop temperates. slightly warmer with more sunshine monday and tuesday. >> mike, thank you. >> you bet. >> a rect series of tests reveal high levels of lead found in children's products sold by wal-mart and target. the california attorney's general office teamed up with the center for environmental
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health to couct the tests. the lead showed up in toy boxes gloves, toy foam jewelry beads and beanbag chairs sold at wal-mart. they tested with lead levels 70% higher than alwed by law. >> and when we come back, president obama's faly tree. >> the political rivals who may actually be his relatives.
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take the test to see if you'reormal on oprah. then a 5:00, supreme court decision fro applicants coming from christian schools. sensors text messages an anti-texting patent. >> jean yol vists claims the president's tenth cousins include sarah palin and rush limbaugh. the ancestor is a pastor named
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john smith, a 17th century settler, against the persecution of the quakers. >> a rush limbaugh, the president's tenth cousin one-time removed connected through richmo carroll, a 17th century land owner. they found connections between president obama and former president george w. bush. the same john smith? kind of a common name. >> before we leave you now, one >> before we leave you now, one last look a the rescue meet the real meg whitman: serving onhe board of goldman sachs, whitman was caught m insider stock deals. after ebay sharehders sued and a judge cited the obvious conflict of interesthe was forced to pay the money back. what kind of person would be invoed in deals a fellow republican congressn called corrupt? d in her last year at ebay, whitman paid herself $0 million right before the company laid off 10%f it's workers.
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we're choosing a governor, shldn't character matter?
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